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Starting Monday, you can  obtain merchandise from us in four different ways:

1) Enjoy shopping in our newly merchandised bricks-and-mortar store with lots of COVID-19 products.

2) Shop our website and have your merchandise mailed to you.

3) Set up an appointment for curbside pick-up for any product from our brick-and-mortar store or website.

4) Get a personal consultation by phone by calling 651-631-9157 or 651-631-9655.

Welcome to the URBAN Traveler® website!

While the number of product images are growing every week, you can of course immediately find over 9,500 products in our bricks-and-mortar store.  Our warehouses are packed and you can call us at 651-631-9655 if you can't find what you are looking for - and we will be happy to ship anything out to you.

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