Wireless Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter


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A pulse oximeter clips onto your finger to measure heart rate and oxygen levels in your red blood cells. Low oxygen saturation levels can be a sign of COVID-19.

It's important to know that a level between 95 and 97% is considered normal by the American Lung Association; anything below that would be a reason to call a doctor, and anything under 90% would be a reason to go to the emergency room.

In addition, your reading may be inaccurate if your fingernails are dirty or you have artificial nails or are wearing nail polish.


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  • Integrated technology with SpO2 probe (blood oxygen saturation levels) and processing display module
  • Easy operation, low power consumption, and auto power off
  • Clear display: Dual-color OLED display (blue and yellow) can be rotated in 4 directions
  • Display parameters: SpO2 value, pulse rate value, bar graph, pulse waveform, pulse mark, battery volume
  • 8 hours sleep monitoring and perfusion index monitoring
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Pulse rate range: 25BPM - 250BPM
  • SpO2 range: 70-99% (+/-1%)
  • Certificate: CE, FDA
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